Nova Credit and Creditinfo join forces

Nova Credit and Creditinfo join forces

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San ‌Francisco, CA – In‌ a major collaboration, Nova Credit, a leading provider​ of ‌international credit data, and Creditinfo, a global ⁤credit information and ⁢data provider, are joining forces to revolutionize the way creditworthiness is assessed across borders.

Both Nova‍ Credit ​and Creditinfo have been pioneers in their respective domains, and this partnership ⁢aims to unite their expertise and innovation to create a powerful global credit platform. The collaboration will enable financial institutions to access reliable credit information on individuals moving from⁤ one country to another, facilitating seamless and accurate credit assessments.

With an increasingly globalized world and growing numbers ⁢of people relocating​ internationally, the ability to assess creditworthiness ‌accurately ⁢becomes crucial. Existing credit data does not seamlessly transfer across borders, ‌leaving many individuals without access to credit even if they‌ have‌ a strong financial track​ record in their home country. This partnership aims to bridge that gap by leveraging advanced data analytics and technology.

“By combining the strengths of Nova Credit and Creditinfo, we can revolutionize international credit assessment and‍ create opportunities for millions of individuals who have been excluded from traditional credit ecosystems,” said Misha Esipov, CEO of Nova‍ Credit. “Together, we’ll develop innovative solutions to bring financial access to individuals regardless of their country of origin.”

This partnership comes at a time when the global credit market is undergoing​ rapid expansion. The collaboration aims to address the challenges ⁢faced by lenders,‍ such as identifying and⁣ assessing creditworthiness for individuals lacking a local credit history. By ⁤tapping‌ into Nova Credit’s existing‌ network and Creditinfo’s extensive database, financial institutions will be able to make better-informed decisions on lending across borders.

Nova ​Credit and Creditinfo are committed to ‍providing inclusive financial​ solutions ‌that empower individuals and stimulate economic growth. By eliminating cross-border credit barriers, ⁣they ⁢aim to enable equal opportunities for​ all borrowers, supporting economic development and greater‌ financial inclusion worldwide.

This partnership is a significant step forward in reshaping the credit industry,⁤ ensuring that individuals’ creditworthiness is more accurately assessed, regardless of ⁤their geographic location. As , they pave the way for a more inclusive and⁢ connected world of finance.

This article was written by the ‌Editorial Team at Nova‌ Credit.