Brightwell partners with Visa

Brightwell partners with Visa

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Atlanta, GA – March​ 15,‌ 2022 – Brightwell,⁣ a leading financial technology company,
⁤ ‌ announced a strategic partnership with Visa, a global‍ leader in digital payments, ⁤to enhance their
global ⁣financial ​services.

‌ This partnership ⁢between Brightwell and Visa aims to bring greater convenience and expanded services to Brightwell’s
⁤ customers around the world. ‌With ​Visa’s⁣ unparalleled expertise in digital payments infrastructure and Brightwell’s
⁣ innovative technology solutions, the collaboration will enable smoother and more secure financial transactions for
⁤ businesses, employees, contractors, and seafarers in the maritime industry.

‌ ⁣Brightwell’s cutting-edge platform,, provides digital
banking, prepaid card, and mobile solutions⁤ for global ‍workers. The company, specialized in serving the maritime community,
⁢ enables seamless cross-border fund transfers, remote access to account‌ balances, transaction histories, and⁤ benefit claims.

​ ‍ ​ By joining forces with ‍Visa, Brightwell gains access to Visa’s global network and ​innovative payment technologies,
⁣ empowering their customers with secure and efficient payment ⁤solutions in various currencies ‌while ensuring compliance
⁣ with international ⁢regulations.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Visa,” said Greg O’Keefe, CEO of Brightwell. “With Visa’s deep knowledge
​ and expertise in digital payments, we will be able to further strengthen our platform and better serve our⁢ customers’
financial needs. ⁢This collaboration​ will⁣ undoubtedly provide enhanced convenience, security, and flexibility to our
‌ customers worldwide.”

‌ As businesses and individuals increasingly embrace‌ digital payment solutions, ​the Brightwell-Visa partnership stands
as a testament to the ongoing efforts in ⁤making financial services more accessible, secure, and efficient. Together,
⁣Brightwell and Visa are committed to ‍transforming the global financial​ landscape and empowering⁤ users with advanced
digital payment solutions.