Linnworks partners with Lightspeed Commerce

Linnworks partners with Lightspeed Commerce

Linnworks, a global leader in eCommerce automation, has announced a strategic partnership ​with​ Lightspeed Commerce, a leading provider of cloud-based commerce platforms for small and medium-sized‌ businesses.

This partnership⁤ aims to combine the strengths ‌of both companies to empower online retailers with a comprehensive and streamlined solution for managing their eCommerce operations. By integrating Linnworks’ robust order management and inventory control capabilities ​with ‍Lightspeed’s feature-rich commerce ‌platform, businesses ⁣of⁣ all sizes will benefit from ‌enhanced efficiency, scalability, and‌ growth opportunities.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Lightspeed Commerce. It aligns with our mission to help merchants simplify​ and optimize‌ their eCommerce operations,” said Callum Carmichael, CEO ‍of​ Linnworks.⁤ “Together, we ‌can provide retailers with a unified platform that seamlessly connects their sales channels,‌ automates backend processes, and ultimately drives their success in an increasingly competitive⁣ marketplace.”

With the integration of Linnworks ⁣and Lightspeed Commerce, retailers will have access to⁢ an extensive range of features, including
real-time inventory synchronization, order fulfillment ⁢automation, multi-channel ⁢listing, reporting and analytics, customer
relationship management, and ⁢more.‍ This holistic approach will enable businesses to manage their entire eCommerce ecosystem with⁤ ease, saving⁢ time and⁣ resources that can be‍ redirected towards core growth strategies.

To celebrate⁤ this partnership, Linnworks‍ and Lightspeed Commerce⁣ offer‌ a limited-time‍ 30-day free trial,‍ allowing retailers to
experience the benefits firsthand. ⁢To sign up and⁤ learn more⁢ about the collaboration, click the ⁢button below.

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Linnworks and​ Lightspeed Commerce are committed to supporting businesses⁣ in their eCommerce⁢ journey. This partnership
enables merchants ‍to ‍thrive ⁣in⁢ the evolving digital⁣ landscape by leveraging ⁣innovative ⁤technologies and comprehensive ⁢solutions.
Together, they strive to ⁢drive operational excellence, boost sales, and provide ​superior customer experiences.