Amex to sell fraud prevention firm Accertify

Amex to sell fraud prevention firm Accertify

American Express (Amex) recently announced its decision to sell Accertify, a leading fraud prevention company it acquired in 2010. This move ‌comes as part‌ of Amex’s ongoing strategy to focus ​on ⁢its core businesses and dynamic growth ⁢opportunities.

The sale of Accertify aims to streamline ‌Amex’s operations and enable a more‍ dedicated approach to its existing businesses. Despite ⁢Accertify’s significant contributions to Amex’s fraud prevention capabilities over the years, the decision to‌ divest was made to enhance efficiency and provide a sharper focus on serving customers across their entire range of payments ⁣and business services.

Accertify’s sale is a strategic move for Amex, targeting the‍ optimization of operations while maintaining a strong​ commitment to combatting fraud effectively. Amex intends to continue offering⁣ advanced fraud prevention ⁢solutions by leveraging new technologies, partnerships,‍ and innovative strategies.

Amex emphasizes ​its continued dedication to ⁢protecting⁤ customers in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats and fraud. With the sale, Amex aims to drive growth in its core business fields such as payment services,​ American Express Network, and ⁤premium services like its flagship charge and credit card products.

The decision to sell ⁣Accertify was carefully assessed ‌to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service for ⁣existing clients and partners. Amex will work closely with‌ the‍ buyer to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption for Accertify’s customers ⁢while maintaining the highest level of security and fraud prevention standards.

Amex’s commitment to combatting fraud remains unwavering,⁤ with‍ the⁣ company continuously ⁢investing in ⁢advanced technologies, innovation, and ‌strategic partnerships to ‌stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape ⁤of financial security.

Amid these changes, Amex ​will continue to provide its customers with top-tier ‍payment solutions, reliable customer service, and comprehensive protection against emerging fraud threats. By focusing on delivering unparalleled value to‌ its customers and partners, Amex aims​ to ‌strengthen its position as a leading provider of premium financial ​services⁣ worldwide.

The decision to divest Accertify‌ underscores Amex’s vision for ‌strategic growth and its commitment to adapt to the dynamic needs‍ of today’s⁢ global financial landscape.⁤ With a renewed focus on its core businesses, Amex is poised to further enhance its offerings and deliver even greater value to its diverse customer base.

This sale represents a strategic move for both Amex and ⁣Accertify, ensuring ‍that both entities ​can concentrate on their key areas of expertise. As the financial industry continues to evolve, Amex’s commitment to customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and exemplary financial‍ security remains at the forefront.