WSPN partners with Fireblocks

WSPN partners with Fireblocks

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Published on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

We are excited to announce the partnership between WSPN (Worldwide Sports Programming Network) and Fireblocks, a leading secure infrastructure ‌platform for ⁣digital assets.

What this means for WSPN and its viewers

As part of this partnership, WSPN ‍will‌ leverage Fireblocks’ ⁢cutting-edge technology to enhance the security and efficiency of its digital ⁣asset transactions. With Fireblocks’⁣ secure infrastructure, WSPN can ‍confidently⁢ facilitate the buying, selling, and storing of digital assets, ‌providing a seamless experience for its​ broad audience.

‌ This partnership aligns perfectly⁤ with WSPN’s mission to provide ‍innovative⁢ solutions to its ⁤viewers⁤ in the⁤ ever-evolving ⁣digital landscape. By embracing the power and security of blockchain technology, WSPN aims to revolutionize the way​ fans engage with ⁣sports ⁤programming and related digital assets.

About Fireblocks

⁤ Fireblocks is a leading ⁣secure‌ infrastructure platform for digital assets such​ as cryptocurrencies.‌ Their unique‍ technology allows ‌financial institutions ⁤and digital‌ asset companies to securely manage and⁢ transfer assets without compromising on security or speed. Fireblocks operates a secure network⁢ that⁤ connects exchanges, ​custodians, and stakeholders, ensuring a trusted and reliable ecosystem for digital ​asset transactions.

With Fireblocks’ cutting-edge solutions,⁤ financial institutions and companies can confidently embrace the digital asset space, streamlining their operations‍ and ​reducing risks associated with managing digital assets.

About WSPN

​ WSPN, or Worldwide Sports Programming Network, is a global leader in ‌sports broadcasting and digital content. With a diverse range of networks and platforms, WSPN ​reaches millions of viewers worldwide, providing comprehensive coverage of various sports events and ‌creating engaging content for fans. By partnering with⁣ innovative companies‌ like ​Fireblocks, WSPN ⁣continues to push boundaries ⁢and deliver groundbreaking experiences ‌to its audience.

Stay tuned‍ for more updates on how WSPN and Fireblocks are revolutionizing the digital asset landscape,‍ bringing together the worlds of sports and cutting-edge blockchain technology.