Trustly completes its acquisition of SlimPay

Trustly completes its acquisition of SlimPay

Trustly, the leading⁣ online banking e-payments provider,⁣ has officially announced the successful ​completion of ‍its acquisition of SlimPay, a leading French payments company. This strategic move aims to further⁣ expand Trustly’s ⁣payment⁤ solutions and strengthen its position within the European market.

The acquisition of SlimPay solidifies Trustly’s position as a key player‌ in the online‌ payments industry, enabling it to offer enhanced payment capabilities to millions of European consumers⁢ and merchants. Trustly’s proven technology combined ‍with SlimPay’s expertise will empower businesses with‍ more efficient processing, improved functionality, and‌ seamless payment experiences.

“This ​acquisition marks an exciting milestone ‌for Trustly as ‌we continue to grow ⁤and innovate in the European payment space,” said Oscar Berglund, CEO of Trustly. “SlimPay is renowned⁤ for its superior payment⁤ technology and deep industry knowledge, which will greatly ​contribute to Trustly’s mission in simplifying and streamlining online payments.”

With the completion of this acquisition, Trustly gains access to ‌SlimPay’s extensive ⁢merchant network and direct​ debit platform. This will only strengthen ⁤Trustly’s current ‍portfolio of alternative⁤ payment‌ methods and accelerate its growth by offering new ⁤services to European consumers and businesses.

Trustly’s innovative payment solutions are known for their convenience, security, and seamless integration across various online platforms and marketplaces. The integration of SlimPay’s technology will only​ enhance ‌Trustly’s⁤ offering,⁤ enabling it to provide even more flexible, efficient, and secure payment‌ options to its users.

Both Trustly and‌ SlimPay share⁢ a⁢ dedication to providing trusted and reliable ⁣payment solutions, and this acquisition will further solidify a ‌combined commitment to excellence​ in the industry.

Trustly has been rapidly expanding its presence across Europe and establishing itself as a leading online payments provider. With the integration of SlimPay’s technology and merchant network, Trustly‍ is well-positioned to continue its transformative journey⁢ and deliver exceptional payment experiences to its customers.

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