Entrust launches Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform

Entrust launches Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform

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Entrust, a leading provider of identity management and encryption solutions, has officially launched its Post-Quantum Ready Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) platform.

The PKI platform is designed to address the imminent threat posed by the evolution of quantum computing, which has the potential to break traditional cryptographic algorithms commonly used to secure sensitive information.

As the world progresses rapidly towards the era of quantum computing, organizations are at risk of having their critical data exposed if they fail to adopt advanced security measures. Entrust’s Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform offers a solution.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Quantum-Safe Cryptography: The platform incorporates new algorithms resistant to attacks from quantum computers, ensuring the long-term security of encrypted data.
  • Scalability: The PKI platform is highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily manage their digital certificates and encryption keys across diverse systems and networks.
  • Simplified Management: With an intuitive user interface, the platform offers organizations the ability to streamline their certificate lifecycle management, reducing complexity and operational overhead.
  • Compliance: The Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring that organizations can meet their compliance obligations.

David Rockvam, Chief Executive Officer at Entrust, expressed excitement about the launch:

“We are thrilled to introduce our Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform to help organizations protect their sensitive data in a world where quantum computers are rapidly advancing. With our platform, organizations can future-proof their security infrastructure and stay one step ahead of potential threats.”

Entrust’s Post-Quantum Ready PKI platform is now available for organizations looking to strengthen their cryptographic defenses and protect their data from the emerging threat of quantum computing.

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