OVO Network taps Mangopay for holiday rental payments

OVO Network taps Mangopay for holiday rental payments

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Leading holiday rental provider, OVO Network, announced its strategic partnership with Mangopay for secure and hassle-free payment processing on its platform. OVO Network is committed to revolutionizing the vacation rental industry by providing a seamless experience for both property owners and vacationers.

The collaboration with Mangopay, a prominent online payment solution, enables OVO Network to offer the most advanced and secure payment processing service to its users. Through the integration, property owners can easily receive payments from guests around the world, while guests can conveniently make payments in multiple currencies.

OVO Network believes that their partnership with Mangopay will bring immense value to their customers. By utilizing Mangopay’s services, OVO Network aims to streamline the payment process, minimize transaction errors, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

Janine Rutter, CEO of OVO Network, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to work with Mangopay to ensure that our customers’ payment experience is secure, efficient, and simple. The integration of their payment solution will undoubtedly improve our service quality and reinforce our position as a trustworthy holiday rental provider.”

Mangopay is renowned for its robust and reliable payment infrastructure, offering advanced fraud protection and compliance with the latest data security regulations. This collaboration is set to strengthen OVO Network’s commitment to providing a safe and seamless environment for booking holiday rentals.

The integration of Mangopay’s payment processing system into OVO Network’s platform is expected to be completed within the next quarter. Users can look forward to a streamlined payment experience while enjoying the vast selection of holiday rentals offered by OVO Network.